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“Awesome. Respect to the cast!”
“Thank you it was my first play in English. I think, I mean I hope that I understood everything. It was really funny, I had a good time.”
“Best play I´ve seen in weeks…”
“Amazing show full of wit and humour. Thanks
“Excellent performance”
“I think it was great and we enjoyed the great acting!
“Superb, fantastic performances of actors. Congratulation!”
“It was the best English performance I´ve seen.”
“I liked that it wasn’t too long so that it was easy to keep attention. It was funny, cheerful, and easy. I am surprised that I could understand so well. Thank you <3”
„The students loved it and my colleagues were delighted with beautiful English, atmosphere and interpretation of the play. Thank you and we´re already looking forward to a new one.“
I wish you´d perform more often! It was fun and thank you!
We loved it and would definitely come again!
I appreciated the multifunctional scenography and choice of music. I can´t imagine Slovak classic without Slovak traditional folklore.
From now on, I´ll always say „Kukucheers!“ when toasting :). It was top!
It was awesome! Thank you for entertaining me and my classmates!
The actors were great and I could understand everything! That feels so good if you´re a student of English.
Love the idea of having an English speaking theatre in Bratislava.
I had seen Ženský zákon by Tajovský before, but only in English are the old Slovak words hilariously funny.
Finally got a chance to see a Slovak play in English. I learned a lot about your culture..and I mean – a lot! 🙂
I had a great time. Never imagined Kukučín could be so funny.


  • Gregory Fabian
    Gregory FabianHerec
  • Guillaume De Canck
    Guillaume De CanckHerec
  • Sami Huttunen
    Sami HuttunenHerec




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