About us

The Bridgin’ Drama theatre group was established in 2009 by the Bridge, English Language Centre. It was founded by a group of English teachers who share a love for the English language and who are also passionate about theatre.

At the outset, scenic readings were held in the Medical Gardens but this quickly developed into full-scale productions at a regular venue.

We found our forte in adaptations of Slovak theatre classics, which we bring to modern audiences with humour and levity.

By using set texts produced in English, we attempt to develop our students’ interest in our culture, bring them closer to the staples of Slovak literature and, at the same time, improve their language skills.

Bridgin’ Drama has also taken up the challenge of developing tourism in the capital. We are the only theatre in Slovakia which offers tourists an opportunity to learn something about our culture, philosophy and traditions in a language they understand.

We are the theatre that connects; welcome to our world. 🙂

David Mamet: Speed-the-plow

First scenic reading in the Medical Gardens at the project Reading room.

David Mamet - pozvanka

Shake Shakespeare

Dramatic reading for high schoolers in the Medical Gardens.


Hillary Fannin: Mackerel Sky

Dramatic reading for the public at Magio beach.


Tajovsky ruulezz!

Premiere of our first Slovak classic in English.


Summer performances for tourists

Summer performances of Tajovsky ruulezz! for tourists at the  Zichy palace.



Premiere of Kukučín ´s Red Heifer in English .


Bridgin´ V4

First year of the Festival of English Speaking Theatre in Pezinok.

Just Another Cup of Tea

Premiere of an adaptation of the satirical play Tea at the Senator´s by Ivan Stodola.


A Loop for Twoo



  • Dale Bruton
      Dale BrutonGreat Britain

      Kukucheers, Tajovsky Ruulezz!

    • Manuel Serrano
        Manuel SerranoUSA

        Shake Shakespeare, Speed-the-plow

      • Aaron Chase
          Aaron ChaseUSA


        • Michaela Mozolová
            Michaela MozolováSlovakia

            Shake Shakespeare

          • Hazel Lorico
              Hazel LoricoCanada


            • Nevena Popovic
                Nevena PopovicGreat Britain

                A Loop for Two

              • Angelika Horváthová
                  Angelika HorváthováSlovakia

                  A Loop for Two

                • Daren Oldring
                    Daren OldringGreat Britain

                    Just Another Cup of Tea

                  • David Rubin
                      David RubinUSA

                      Just Another Cup of Tea

                    • Andrea Pristašová
                        Andrea PristašováSlovakia

                        Just Another Cup of Tea

                      • Mária Horská
                          Mária HorskáSlovakia

                          Just Another Cup of Tea

                        • Michaela Čilíková
                            Michaela ČilíkováSlovakia

                            Just Another Cup of Tea

                          • Maria Evangelou
                              Maria EvangelouGreece

                              Just Another Cup of Tea

                            • Daniel Hall
                                Daniel HallGreat Britain

                                A Loop for Two

                              • Mike Bacon
                                  Mike BaconGreat Britain

                                  Mackerel Sky

                                • Amy Wicks
                                    Amy WicksUSA

                                    Mackerel Sky

                                  • Gregory Fabian
                                      Gregory FabianUSA

                                      Kukucheers, Just Another Cup of Tea, A Loop for Two

                                    • Barbora Nováková
                                        Barbora NovákováSlovakia


                                      • Michaela Vrábová
                                          Michaela VrábováSlovakia

                                          Kukucheers, Tajovsky Ruulezz!, Mackerel Sky, Shake Shakespeare

                                        • Arnika Presutto
                                            Arnika PresuttoUSA


                                          • Kim Render
                                              Kim RenderUSA


                                            • Donal Greene
                                                Donal GreeneIreland

                                                Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                              • Tomas Haramule
                                                  Tomas HaramuleCanada

                                                  Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                • Anna Katarzyna Kolkowska
                                                    Anna Katarzyna KolkowskaPoland

                                                    Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                  • Katarína Matiašovská
                                                      Katarína MatiašovskáSlovakia

                                                      Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                    • Michaela Šuľáková
                                                        Michaela ŠuľákováSlovakia

                                                        Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                      • Christina Vollbrecht
                                                          Christina VollbrechtUSA

                                                          Tajovsky Ruulezz!, Mackerel Sky, Shake Shakespeare

                                                        • Gianluca Grasso
                                                            Gianluca GrassoItaly

                                                            Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                          • Daniel Bóna
                                                              Daniel BónaSlovakia

                                                              Tajovsky Ruulezz!

                                                            Bridgin’Drama management

                                                            • Lucia Faltinová
                                                                Lucia FaltinováManaging Director

                                                                Lucia studied international relations and contemporary European history. She emigrated to the USA. After the fall of Communism she returned to the then Czechoslovakia and later spent twelve years in the university context of Cambridge (UK). She is involved in international relations through civic diplomacy. Lucia has been keen on theatre ever since her childhood. She made dream to become operatic diva come true while hoovering to the chagrin of her involuntary audiences. Hence, she turned her interest in opera into passive. That, however, didn’t affect her overall passion for theatre. On the contrary, she is increasingly actively involved in the world of theatre. In addition to translating Slovak stage works into English and librettos into Slovak, she is Managing Director at the Bridgin’ Drama. Meanwhile, she is waiting for the world to discover her operatic genius. ?

                                                              • Lucia Hurajová
                                                                  Lucia HurajováArtistic Director

                                                                  I have been following the Bridgin´ Drama theatre group since its very beginning. I admire their immense dedication to theatre, their appetite for cracking the Slovak classics and the spreading of their message in English so that it can reach the very widest audience.

                                                                  Their efforts have firmly established the group as a key player in the theatre scene in Bratislava and their relentless enthusiasm in organising the Bridgin´ Europe Festival has cemented Slovakia’s reputation for outstanding drama across Europe.

                                                                  Theatre Bridgin´ Drama is „definitely my cup of tea!”

                                                                • Klaudia Bednárová
                                                                    Klaudia BednárováBusiness Director

                                                                    Klaudia graduated from the Faculty of Education, Constantine the Philosopher
                                                                    University in Nitra, Department of English Language and Literature – Education.
                                                                    In 2009 she founded a private language school the Bridge – English
                                                                    Language Centre.
                                                                    She has been one of the founding members of the Slovak Chamber of English
                                                                    teachers and the Slovak Association of Language Schools. She has been a chairwoman
                                                                    of the latter in 2011 – 2016.
                                                                    Klaudia is passionate about teacher training, she established and runs projects such as Eltforum.sk and the Bridge re-boot camp for teachers.