About the play



We are introducing a new original comedy from Bridgin’ Drama! Take a look into Shakespeare’s plays from the perspective of three actors, each of whom wants to be Shakespeare! Or Romeo? An Elizabethan theatre will come into existence right before your eyes. And in the quiz, you will surely recognize many of the bard’s plays that still feel current and alive even after 400 years.
The play is performed in English and by native speakers, actors of the Bridgin’ Drama theatre.
The performance is supported by the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, and creation of the script was supported by the Art Support Fund in the form of a scholarship. Thank you!

About William Shakespeare

The biggest theatre bard. Starting out as an actor, he became a poet and the biggest author of theatre plays of all time. He wrote almost 40 plays (some claim that he stole or copied a few of them). He wrote in blank verse (a verse similar to how people really talked in those days). He became rich and famous when still alive, so he could afford to become a co-owner of a new London theatre The Globe. His wife was called Anne Hathaway (like the famous American actress) and one of his sons was Hamlet. Shakespeare wrote during the reign of the Queen Elizabeth I., that is why his plays are known as an Elizabethan theatre.
Read more about Shakespeare at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shakespeare.

About the play

A cheery author’s farce with three actors, each of whom wants to be Shakespeare. The first is called Swan, the second Bard, and the third is Shak – each is a Shakespeare’s nickname. It is because Shakespeare and his characters have something in common with each of the three. There are big passions and low urges in every one of us. Get to know Shakespeare’s characters and plays with us and if you want to know more, read! Find the original texts at http://shakespeare.mit.edu/.


Author: Vojtech Koleják s použitím úryvkov z diela W. Shakespeara

Translated by: Lucia Faltin

Dramaturgy: Zuzana Kolejáková

Translation of accompanying texts: Tatiana Chovancová

Stage and costumes: Mária Stanko, Zuzana Kolejáková

Directed by: Vojtech Koleják

Greg Fabian
Guillaume De Canck
Sami Huttunen

How to Become a Shakespeare Specialist in 10 Answers


Reprise: On Friday, January 13 2023 in the morning at DPOH Bratislava for schools

Reprise: On Saturday, January 14 2023 at 19:00 at DPOH Bratislava for the public

Reprise: On Wednesday, March 15 2023 in the morning at DPOH Bratislava for schools

Reprise: On Thursday, March 30 2023 at 19:00 at DPOH Bratislava for the public


  • Gregory Fabian
    Gregory FabianActor

    As all four of Greg’s grandparents were born in Slovakia, he is most pleased to work with Bridgin’ Drama. For his “day job”, he is a New York lawyer who has made Bratislava his home, and who works as an international human rights lawyer in Central and Southeastern Europe. In another life, he worked as a professional actor in New York City. He has performed in over 40 theater productions including New York performances Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, in summer theater on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and in Illinois and Indiana, and in university and community theater. He has performed Off-Broadway in Eugene O‘Neill‘s “The Hairy Ape” with Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks“, “Good Night and Good Luck“) and Jonathan Frakes (“Star Trek – The Next Generation“), and Off-Off Broadway in “Caesar”, a modern-dress production of Julius Caesar with Brian Dennehy (Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony Award winner). Recently, he has performed in English-speaking theater in Bratislava with the Bridgin’ Drama Theater Group, and the Forum Theater – Theater of the Oppressed Workshop. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theater at Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois, and a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) in Acting at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio as part of Bob Hobbs‘ Professional Actor Training Program. He is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and of Screen Actors’ Guild / American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. More about Gregory

  • Guillaume De Canck
    Guillaume De CanckActor

    Guillaume DE CANCK is a French actor, director, and drama teacher based in Bratislava. He has over 30 years of experience in acting in France and Slovakia. He co-founded in 2018 “THEATRAbratislava” :  the French and English acting school of the Slovak capital city. THEATRA is offering a monthly workshop program, as well as a full course leading students of all ages (teenagers, adults) to prepare a show. They are on stage each June in Stare Mesto in French and in English (3 shows per year). He also directs his own plays with a focus on mixing languages and cultures. His plays are a living laboratory pushing the boundaries of interactions with the audience and the city. If you want to know more: www.theatra.eu, FB-TheatraBratislava

  • Sami Huttunen
    Sami HuttunenActor

    Finnish actor from Sweden currently living in Bratislava. Works as Bartender at UFO. Sami is known for The Viking Sisters (2022) and Wanted – Apartment in Budapest movie. More about Sami

Production team

  • Vojtech Koleják
    Vojtech KolejákConcept and Directed by

    Vojtech graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences specialising in teaching mathematics and chemistry. He went on to study stage directing and dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava under Professor Strnisko and Associate Professor Ondriska. Vojtech focuses on the outreach of theatre in day-to-day life and applied theatre under the brand Trieska v oku. He is also involved in interactive and learning theatre: with his wife, the dramaturge and stage director Zuzana Kolejáková he runs the theatre for children and youth Divadlo ZáBaVKa. For Bridgin’ Drama he directed the production of Just Another Cup of Tea based on the play by Slovak playwright Ivan Stodola and A LOOP FOR TWO. He directed various plays under his own label Trieska v oku (A Splinter in The Eye), among others Amputované duše (Amputed Souls) in the Žilina City Theatre, Príbeh o človeku (A Story about a Human) in Ticho a spol. Theatre and III Gaštanové kone (The III Chestnut Horses) in Pavol Orszagh Hviezdoslav Theatre. He creates and acts in the theatre for children ZáBaVKa. http://trieskavoku.sk/

  • Zuzana Kolejáková
    Zuzana KolejákováAdaptation and dramaturgy

    Zuzana studied media communication in Trnava and stage dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava under professor Vajdička. She founded and manages theatre for children and youth Divadlo ZáBaVKa which is her author domain. She helped launch Bridgin’ Drama with stage readings. Under her guidance, dramaturgy and stage directing the company produced Tajovský Ruulezz! She acts and writes for children in ZáBaVKa theatre. She works as an assistant director in TV series and shows. But for the last couple of years, she has mainly been a mother. http://divadlozabavka.sk/


We´d be happy to come and perform at your location outside the published dates and you can order a performance for your town or school.