February 25th 2014

About the play

A comedy based upon a short story by Martin Kukučín – Rysavá jalovica.

After the successful show Tajovsky Ruulezz!, we started a very fruitful cooperation with director Peter Palik and staged another Slovak classic in English – Kukucheers. In the following two years, it had a lot of reprises – we performed for schools, tourists and we represented Slovakia at the Bridgin´ V4 festival.

Martin Kukučín

His real name was Matej Bencúr (born 1860, Jasenová – deceased 1928, Pakrac, Croatia) and he was a Slovak novelist, playwright and journalist. He was the most significant writer in the genre of Slovak literary realism and a founder of modern Slovak prose.
At the beginning of his career, he wrote mainly short stories and novellas reflecting his youth. He was excellent at portraying common villagers and their common sense. Typical of these early works is their grotesque and comical stylization. Fun fact – a small asteroid is named after him.

Rysavá jalovica  (Red Heifer) (1885)

Adam Mole (Krt) with his wife Eva live a quite happy life, if it wasn´t for his „hobby“ – drinking. Adam Mole is off to the market to sell kapce, and in „high spirits“, he buys a young cow – a heifer – from his neighbour Adam Sloe (Trnka).

While celebrating the deal, the heifer disappears from the front of the pub. A cloud of doom spreads over the Moles´ household, as Adam comes home not only without the heifer, but also without the money he paid for it. However, all is well that ends well.

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Adapted and directed by: Peter Palik

Produced by: Michaela Vrábová

Translated by: Martin Sokol

Set design: Peter Palik

Set construction: Aaron Chase

Costume design: students at the Bridge

Sound and lights: Michaela Vrábová


Adam Mole and others – Greg Fabian
Adam Sloe and others – Dale Bruton
Eva Mole and others – Kim Render / Barbora Nováková
Eva Sloe and others – Arnika Presutto / Michaela Vrábová

We´d be happy to come and perform at your location outside the published dates and you can order a performance for your town or school.