Tajovsky Ruulezz!


7th June 2012

About the play

For the very first time we introduced the Slovak classic by J.G. Tajovský – Women´s law – in English. It was fun, it wasn’t longer than an hour and most of all it was in English. The play was popular amongst students for whom we played many reprises. It was also popular amongst tourists for whom we played regularly during the summer at the Zichy palace.

J.G. Tajovský
A Slovak novelist and playwright. This guy from Tajov was a kind of joker and he ignored none of our Slovak vices – especially not our alcoholism.

Cheers to borovička!

Ženský zákon (Women´s law) (1900)
Anička and Miško get engaged, but their families start fighting, just like in Romeo and Juliet. Miško has to join the army and while away, his mother finds a new rich wife for him.

And so the women fight, cry and get furious for another two acts, and the only man that is left in the house waits to get a chance to speak up. He never gets it.

Anička, getting desperate, enchants Miško with the help of Dora. Voilá, a happy-ending, there you go! But is it magic or true love?



Adapted and directed by: Zuzana Bírešová

Produced by: Michaela Vrábová

Translated by: Martin Sokol

Set design: Zuzana Bírešová

Costume design: Zuzana Bírešová

Sound and lights: Zuzana Bírešová


Zuza – Christina Vollbrecht
Mara – Anna Katarzyna Kolkowska
Miško – Tomas Haramule / Gianluca Grasso
Anička – Katarína Matiašovská
Jano – Donal Greene / Daniel Bóna
Dora – Michaela Šuľáková / Michaela Vrábová