15th June 2010

About the play

We have introduced the play during the 2nd year of the project in cooperation with Old town library, whose aim was to bring English closer to young people in a different way and show them that it is possible to do it like this and that it can be lot of fun.

It was an interactive performance so called drama reading of the play. Students were captured into the plot, they even played a part with us and at the end of the performance there was an interesting discussion waiting for them.

William Shakespeare

The most important and influential English author and playwright who requires no further introduction. 🙂

We introduced Shakespeare´s most famous plays in an interactive and interesting way – Midsummer Night´s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

The cast consisted of three actors and a narrator who had to guide the actors through the three plays.

Students had a chance to participate in the play and to choose an ending for each of them.


Adapted and directed by: Zuzana Bírešová

Produced by: Michaela Vrábová

Set design: Zuzana Bírešová

Costume design: Zuzana Bírešová


Christina Vollbrecht
Michaela Vrábová
Manuel Serrano
Michaela Mozolová