Mackarel sky


27th June 2011

About the play

We introduced the play during the 3rd season of the project in cooperation with the Old Town library. Our aim was to bring English closer to young people in a different way and show them that it is possible to do it in a meaningful and fun way.

It was an interactive dramatic reading performance of the play. Students were drawn into the plot, and even took on roles alongside us and at the end of the performance an interesting discussion awaited them.

Hilary Fannin

One of the most successful Irish playwrights who acted for many years both in Dublin and London. Mackerel Sky was her first play introduced by the Bush Theatre in 1997.

Mackerel Sky (1997)
One day in the life of a crazy family including a gun-loving grandpa, two adolescent daughters and a mother who steals the family silver.

Adapted and directed by: Zuzana Bírešová

Produced by: Michaela Vrábová

Set design: Zuzana Bírešová

Costume design: Zuzana Bírešová


Maddie – Christina Vollbrecht
Steph – Amy Wicks
Tom – Mike Bacon
Mamie – Michaela Vrábová