Just Another Cup of Tea


2nd June 2016

About the play

A political parody based upon Čaj u pána Senátora by Ivan Sotodola.

Not only a Slovak classic directed by Vojtech Koleják will make you laugh again.

IVAN STODOLA (1888 – 1977)

Doctor and a core playwright of Slovak national theatre, Ivan Stodola was a ruthless satirist of Slovak and universal bourgeois society. With his comedies he made crowds laugh and at the same time criticized masses. He followed up with his work on works of Tajovský and Kukučín and focused especially on ordinary people and their faults and traits. His most well-known comedy Jožko Púčik a jeho kariéra (Jožko Púčik and his career) was turned into a movie and the main lead was played by Milan Lasica. His other popular comedies include Bankinghouse Khuvich and Comp.; Keď jubilant plače (When a honoree cries) or Náš pán minister (Our Mr. Minister). His most famous drama is Bačova žena (Wife of a shepherd).


A political farce based on the play by Ivan Stodola: „Čaj u pána Senátora“. The play is a parody of our petty, small-minded bourgeois society, democracy and political morals. The lead character, owner of a funeral service, Mr. Balthezzar Peach wants to be better off and earn more so after being persistently persuaded by his wife, he steps into politics. An ordinary man, who only sees himself and his profit, therefore becomes a puppet and the carousel of machinations, meetings and ´high politics´ starts spinning. Just Another Cup of Tea is a comedy full of human simplicity that doesn’t allow them to see beyond the end of their nose. But it´s the ´tea´ with all the consequences that, in reality, we all will have to drink. Those who vote as well as those who don’t…


Direced by: Vojtech Koleják

Adaptation and dramaturgy: Zuzana Kolejáková

Translated by: Martin Sokol

Produced by: Michaela Vrábová

Costume design: Barbora Nováková

PR and media: Peter Scherhaufer

Graphic design: Maxo Kormaňák

Mr. General Secretary: David Rubin
Mr. Balthezzar Peach: Daren Oldring
Mr. Hatchet: Greg Fabian
Mrs. Peach: Maria Evangelou / Andrea Pristašová
Mrs. Rat: Michaela Čillíková / Mária Horská


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